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Tree felling is the process of cutting a tree down. This task should be reserved for a professional in most cases, as properly cutting down a tree can be a dangerous undertaking. If you have a tree or trees that, sadly, need to be felled, it’s vital to call on the services of a skilled and professional tree surgeon, such as Tom Weymouth, together with our experienced team, qualified to NPTC City & Guilds Level 3, here at TW Tree Stumps Removal. Here are four key reasons why…

  • It is dangerous for an unqualified individual or group to try and fell a tree. Any professional will always insist on a detailed plan being created. This will cover key safety areas such as direction of fall, potential damage to property; danger to humans, domestic animals or wildlife. Otherwise, serious accidents can, and sadly do, happen
  • Key factors such as the height of the tree and its ground level situation need to be fully considered before any work is undertaken
  • The right equipment, such as a professionally-maintained chainsaw, together with all necessary head, body and foot protection should only ever be used by a highly-trained and fully-qualified tree surgeon. Apart from the obvious danger, there will also be flying wood chips and the like to be protected from
  • After felling, your expert will then supervise the sectioning and safe disposal of the tree. The team will carefully tidy up any other hedges, shrubs or bushes affected by the operation. If the stump is not being removed (our expert team cam also complete this task), it will be checked for any disease that might affect other trees – and the necessary treatment or action can be undertaken.


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