Winter Weather Clearance – Our Advice

Winter Weather Clearance – Our Advice

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garden. Snow, frost, and cold weather can cause your plants to break down from the inside out and tear open their cell walls. Most plants can be particularly picky during the winter season, so be sure to check the care tips on your plants before you send it out to brave the snow.

To minimize the damage that your garden will take, use plants that can take the harsh, winter weather. It’s also important that you don’t prune the dead spots off of your plants, as these are needed to take the brute of the damage so that the still good parts can survive. If you can’t get your plants or garden to shelter, try to get them away from an east-facing spot so that the wind does not get them.

Protect your plants from the sun, because the sun can also break down your plants while it is covered in frost and snow, and if you have anything that you have planted recently, be sure to check them frequently. The newly planted ones often lift themselves up after frost. Shovel any extra snow out of your garden and shake the excess snow off of your plants if you can.

When spring comes, it’s important to clear out all of your dead plants and trees so that new the new life can spring forth. An unknowingly diseased plant or tree can spread to new ones and give them a tough time growing, so it’s important to keep them separate, if nothing else. Dead branches from trees can fall off and cause damage to your property, especially after the beating it takes from the winter weather, so be sure to get them removed as soon as possible.

More maintenance goes into winter weather gardening both before and after winter than it does during winter. Prepare for the season and be willing to get rid of or repair the damaged and dead plants after the season is over. With a little maintenance, your garden will be up and running as soon as the snow melts.

At TW Tree Stumps removal we specialise in Tree Surgery work but also cater for many other tree and garden related services which includes ground clearance work, looking after your garden in the harsh weather conditions can be a preventive measure but with the expected cold weather hitting the UK this winter, you might find yourselves in need of our services. We cater for domestic and commercial customers all around the Surrey area.