What to Do After Tree Stump Removal

What to Do After Tree Stump Removal

After a tree is removed the remaining stump can be eliminated in a variety of ways. Often professional tree removal companies such as TW Tree Stumps Removal will grind the stump down for a fee. Renting a stump grinder on your own can be expensive and dangerous, but will get the job done. If the stump is not too large it could be removed whole, without grinding, but this is impractical for larger tree stumps. Even if it is removed in toto, the most practical method of disposal is to use a chainsaw and chipper to reduce it to wood chips.

Alternatively it could be chopped up and used as firewood. If it is not too large and you have a truck available for hauling, you could also take it to a landfill, though this is one of the least environmentally friendly methods of disposal. Wood chips, on the other hand, can be used as mulch or composted. They should not, however, be left in situ if you wish to replant the area with grass.

Fill in the remaining space


Once the stump is removed or ground down to a level well below the surface, the best method of repairing the hole left in the ground is to fill with topsoil and seed with grass that matches the surroundings. Grass does not grow well in wood chip mulch. If you do wish to cover the area with a uniform lawn, you will want to remove all of the wood chips, or at least to a depth of two feet. Fill this hole with topsoil that is similar to the surrounding soil. If your soil is relatively sandy, for instance, try to match it with similarly sandy soil. Once this is packed down, add more topsoil until it is approximately 1” above ground level to allow for settling. Then seed with grass that will match the rest of the lawn.

If you do not wish to cover the area with grass, but rather plant a flower bed or some other landscaping element, be sure to investigate what type of soil your particular application requires. For instance, organic gardeners may find wood chips or sawdust to be a good component for building up their garden’s soil. Wood chips can bind up nitrogen in the soil, so you would want to add nitrogen to the mixture or let the wood chips compost for a season or two until they have begun to break down.