What It Takes To Fell A Tree Safely

What It Takes To Fell A Tree Safely

Felling a tree is no easy task. Every type of tree requires a specific method of felling in order for the procedure to occur safely and without any risk to the surrounding property. Aside from the type of tree, there is also the way in which the tree naturally leans. Regardless of how a tree leans, proper felling techniques can bring down a tree in nearly any direction. It is simply a matter of skill, the experience of the tree surgeon and the right tools.

Felling Tools


Felling a tree is difficult work, and it requires the right tools for the job. For small trees, a breaking bar may be used. This tool is inserted into the fell cut. With a little pressure applied by the foot, the breaking bar will force the tree in the desired direction. An impact bar is a similar tool, but it can also be used for hammering wedges.

The felling wedge is one of the most important tools for taking down a tree. Wedges are used like levers, applying pressure to force a tree in a certain direction. Wedges will be pushed into the back cut and will not be removed until the felling process has occurred. That is why it is important to use wedges made from soft materials, such as plastic, so that your hand saw or chainsaw is not damage if contact is made.

Felling A Tree Against The Lean

To fell a tree against its natural lean, one must make a cut on the opposite side, in the direction that you want the tree to fall. You must also create a small back cut on the side of the natural lean. This must be small and straight, to avoid premature felling in the wrong direction. This back cut is used to insert wedges. Wedges will be used to forced the tree backwards, towards the felling side.

Scarring may occur when the tree comes down. Scarring is when the uncut sides of the tree split as the pressure is diverted to the felling cut. To avoid scarring, you can make one inch cuts on either side of the tree, before making the back cut. This will ensure that the tree falls cleanly, and that no dangerous shards are left in the log. If you would like further advice on tree felling, one of the many tree services carried out by TW Tree Surgeons then contact us today for more information.